D I V I N E   O R D E R


As the “living” icons of our Orthodox Christian faith, incorporating Divine Order into our daily

earthly experiences is highly beneficial. We can achieve a more complete state of spiritual health

by:  prioritizing our family, work and service schedules;  rearranging and coloring the interior/exterior of our homes and businesses to create balance, efficiency and humility;  repurposing our wardrobe to better fit the needs of serving God rather than vanity;  creating an Inner Sactum – a sacred place for prayer and theological study in our homes, cars and work places;  preparing  foods that feed our souls as well as the body;  incorporating holistic forms of wellness and exercise; communicating and relating in a more loving and present manner.


Divine Order is the protocol or method iconographers include in their lifestyle, icon design and writing process. This same spiritual awareness, organization and attention can be applied to all of the experiences listed above. How we live, think, eat, relate, pray, occupy space and represent ourselves has a profound effect upon our spiritual growth and health.


With decades of training and experience, Magdalene Grace Deane can customize (adhering to theological order and Orthodox tradition) a plan, design or program in the areas of:  


     Organization for Home, Professional, Personal and Prayer Life 


     Interior Design for Church, Home, Workplace, Health/Educational Facility (sourcing new materials/elements or repurposing and rearranging current inventory)


     Color Casting/Scheming for Interior/Exterior Spaces


     Home Chapel or Sacred Area Design


     “Staging” home or business for resale


     Landscape Design


     Etiquette, Protocol and Planning for Events (personal or business)


     Graphic and Web Design - Invitations, Brochures, Commemoratives

     Wardrobe Consultation (personal and business)


     Holistic Health and Diet Planning (including organization for successful Fasting


     Organization of Personal Perspectives to facilitate higher, effective and loving Relating and Communicating


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