B Y Z A N T I N E   I C O N O G R A P H Y  ~  A n c i e n t   C h r i s t i a n   L i t u r g i c a l   A r t


B y z a n t i n e   I c o n o g r a p h y

continues to serve as a visual, symbolic and tangible vehicle to Christian understanding, today as it did, nearly 2,000 years ago.


Byzantine Iconography is Greek by heritage. It dates back to the very first depictions of Christianity when the faithful relied on the illustrated Logos (the Word of God or Bible prior to the process of printing). Iconography, also known has hagiography, served as a means of education, enlightenment and inspiration. Many Christians today have returned to this vehicle of learning and inspiration in a response of contrast to their contemporary, media-driven world.


Iconographers were the earliest scribes of The Word. Holy Icons were never "graven" images, nor were they idols. They were never considered portraits or realistic paintings of people or events.  Rather, Holy Icons were (and still are today) rendered as two-dimensional scribing and are not merely painted, but truly "written" in a visual and symbolic theological language. 



H O L Y   I C O N   C O M M I S S I O N S
T H E   S C H O O L   /   C L A S S E S
R E S T O R E   /   C O N S E R V E   /   C U R A T E
L I F E S T Y L E   /   L I T U R G I C A L   D E S I G N

H  E  R  A  L  D  R  Y

E D U C A T I O N   /   L E C T U R E
C O N T A C T   T H E   S T U D I O
H O L Y   I C O N S   A S S I S T   I N...

...VENERATING the wisdom taught by the Bible and Holy writings.  

...COMMEMORATING baptisms, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations,

namesakes (or patron saints) and feast days.

...ENCOURAGING prayer, discipline, personal and spiritual growth, fortitude and healing.

...INSPIRING devotion, understanding and reverence.

...ILLUMINING and ENLIGHTENING home, church or office.


"[The arts of the Church] are also called Liturgical arts because

through them, man tastes the essence of the Liturgy by which

God is worshipped and through which man becomes like unto the Heavenly Hosts

and perceives immortal life."  ~  Photios Kontoglou